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Urban Milwaukee

Selected articles about urban infrastructure and redevelopment.



From Gray to Green: The Milwaukee Sewerage District Comes of Age

Milwaukee's Sewerage District has a fascinating history.  From its inception in the late 19th century, the system and the District in charge of it have always been at the forefront of both infrastructure development and progressive environmental practices.  This three=part series traces that history and explains how it has led to Milwaukee's current position as a national leader in green infrastructure development.  Articles will be posted a they publish.

Part 1. The MMSD Story: How the Sewerage District Came of Age

Part 2. The MMSD Story: From Gray to Green

Part 3. Every Drop Counts


Corridor of Dreams: Creating Life in an Abandoned Industrial Zone

Hundreds of thousands of workers found good wages and opportunity in the factories of Milwaukee's 30th Street Corridor.  On their wages,  European immigrants and then African American agricultural workers from the Jim Crow south, bought homes and educated their children.  But when the jobs left, redlining and racial segregation trapped the Corridor's black workers in a city that had no work.   This 6-part series investigates they city's struggle to move beyond its manufacturing age, and heal the division of segregation both past and present.  

     Part 1. Can 30th Street Corridor Be Reclaimed?

     Part 2. Can Business Be Attracted to the City?

     Part 3. How to Train Workers

     Part 4. The Problem of Foreclosed Homes

     Part 5. The Land of Brownfields

     Part 6. Putting the Pieces Together

     Part 7. Celebrating the First Homeowner in the New Program


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